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How to Make Bulletproof Tea the Tim Ferriss Way

Some of you asked what that weird tea + butter drink I’ve been making in my Snapchat story was.

When he was releasing his TV show, Tim Ferriss put out a short video on the “morning cocktail” (Titanium Tea) that he drinks instead of coffee.

I’ve been having it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for the last two weeks… and I’ve never found a more pleasant stimulant.

As someone who was HEAVILY into energy drinks, coffee, and other stimulants in high school and the beginning of college, I’ve tried them all.

This is the best. Hands down.

It gives you tons of energy, but it’s sustained instead of peaking, and you don’t crash from it. You also don’t feel the need to keep “refueling” as you do with coffee.

If you just want the recipe, here it is.

And it’s healthy:

The Medium-Chain Triglycerides in the Coconut Oil have great applications for energy loss and are easily metabolized into energy.
The butter provides Omega 3s which have been indicated to help with everything from slowing cognitive decline to greater sex hormone production.
The Pu-Erh tea has been indicated to reduce cholesterol, as well as reduce the production of “fatty acid synthase” (you lose weight).
The Green Tea provides L-Theanine, which improves your immune system and decreases the peak / trough effect of caffeine.
It’s all good things. And considering I avoid drinking coffee so I don’t get caffeine addicted, this is a great replacement.

But why am I writing an article about it? Because for whatever reason, Tim didn’t post an actual step by step recipe. He makes you watch a video about it and piece it together as the video goes.

Which is a huge pain in the ass. Videos are great for learning how to do longboard tricks… not so much for recipes.

So instead of continually typing it out to people… here you go. How to make “bulletproof” tea:

(I call it bulletproof tea in homage to “Bulletproof Coffee” by Bulletproof Exec who popularized putting butter and coconut oil in your coffee. His brand, not mine, not claiming it, please don’t sue me, etc.).

Ingredients / Supplies
To make the tea, you’ll need:

A combination of teas, Tim uses Pu-Erh and Kabuse Sencha Green
You can also add Yerba Mate, Turmeric & Ginger, and any other tea you like. The point is to at least have some Black and some Green. I like Yerba Mate + Pu-Erh + Sencha
Grass-fed butter (Kerrygold is excellent)
Coconut Oil
You’ll also need:

Some way to boil water (glass electric kettles are better than plastic)
A tea steeper (I like this one by Rishi)
Something to mix the tea in (and possibly blend it)
Making the Tea
Nat Eliason bulletproof tea brewing

First, boil ~1 Liter of water, and combine about 2tsp Pu-Erh, 1tsp Sencha, and 1tsp Yerba Mate in your steeper.

Pu-erh and Sencha Green and Yerba Mate TeaSecond, brew the tea for ~1 minute. Once it’s done, pour the tea into your mixer / blender.

Third, start the next brewing with the rest of the water (same tea leaves, they can be infused multiple times).

Fourth, add 1tbsp butter and 1tbsp coconut oil to your mixer with the already-made tea.

butter and coconut oil and teaLast, pour in the second infusion of the tea after it’s steeped for another minute, stir it all up (or blend it) and enjoy!

You’ll be off to the races in no time.

The fun thing with this recipe is that you can experiment with adding any other types of tea that you want to it. So if you come up with a new combination of teas that tastes great, post a comment letting me know what worked for you!

Finally, if you want an easy PDF of the recipe so you can quickly reference it later, you can go here to get it.