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Dr. Cowan’s Garden makes nutritious vegetable powders. Founded by Dr. Thomas Cowan, these powders aim to make eating more vegetables easier. As a holistic physician, it didn’t take Dr. Cowan long to realize that eating small amounts of a variety of vegetables was a powerful way to increase overall health and well-being.

Often times, when the word “Paleo” is thrown out in conversation, people jump straight to images of either cavemen or bacon. Unfortunately, as the diet was rapidly gaining popularity, it got a reputation of being all meat all the time.

While high quality, sustainable protein choices make up a foundational piece of Paleo, it definitely isn’t an “all meat” diet composed only of bacon and steak. Vegetables are an often under-rated player in the game.

Vegetables aren’t a main player in the standard American diet either, so for many people coming from this background, incorporating just a few vegetables a day can be a big task. According to Dr. Cowan, though, we should be eating at least 10 different plants a day – roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and flowers – to get the maximum amount of nutrients plants have to offer us.

Whoa. Even for the most adamant veggie lover, this seems like a totally unrealistic task.

But this is where Dr. Cowan’s Garden vegetable powders become important.

Everything ranging from blends of different powders (such as a savory blend of roots + stems + flowers) to sea vegetable powders and chaga nuggets. They also offer wild and perennial vegetable powders – these types of plants are hard to get in our modern day diet.

Lucky for any newbie, Dr. Cowan’s Garden has all kinds of recommendations for putting them to good use. And that takes the intimidation factor way down a notch! I’m not kidding – I haven’t even tried all the ways the recommend to use these powders yet. There’s that many.

It’s such an easy way to take the nutrition to the next level. Add the winter squash powder for a sweet spin on a simple vinaigrette dressing.

It’s also really easy to add into dips, smoothies, or other sauteed veggies. You can easily add them into soups, stews, or your favorite UPG recipe. Seriously, there are a lot of ways to use these powders. Check out this page to read Dr. Cowan’s suggested uses.

Besides offering a really cool, nutritional powerhouse of a product, there are a few other reasons why I’m a huge fan of these powders. The first is that Dr. Cowan’s Garden is a family owned and operated business. Besides Dr. Cowan, his wife and three children all play a role in the business.

Dr. Cowan, as his product name implies, has his own garden where his family grows these vegetables. They are planted in beds that have been hand-dug and are kept away from any sort of chemical fertilizers. They also source vegetables from other organic farmers who take the same care in growing sustainable produce.

The vegetables are picked from the garden at the peak of freshness and are dehydrated at low heat to retain the maximum amount of nutrient content possible. They are then stored in Miron jars – jars that are deep violet in color and don’t allow light to pass through. This ensures that the powders stay as potent as possible without being affected by any harmful light.

If you’re a person who has trouble getting in enough veggies or who is looking to up their vegetable game, I’d highly recommend these powders. They are so easy to incorporate into your diet and can truly be a game-changer in your overall health.